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Review - Rainbow's Orange Book of Poetry

This second in Lily Lawson's Rainbow series of books of poetry follows nicely on from Red , which explored a range of emotions and feelings.  As Lily states in the introduction to this pamphlet, Orange is about passion. Passion for writing and passion in love. The two things  intermingle throughout her writing, linking this series of poems together to make a small but beautiful thing, this should definitely be on your Christmas list this year.    I asked Lily some probing questions about Orange and her views on poetry today. She has very kindly come back with some incredible answers that I found myself nodding in agreement with. Please see below: 1.      You say in the introduction of your book that your two loves are music and poetry. Do you play an instrument, and have you considered writing lyrics? If so, how different is writing lyrics to writing poetry? I tried to play the guitar a couple of times. I have also messed about on pianos. I’d love to learn how to play proper

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