Bond, Lasers & Big white cats

I was gutted when my optician told me I needed varifocals and there really wasn't any other choice.
varifocals..the word makes me feel old, along with arthritis. So I was not happy.

But my brother recently had laser treatment on his eyes and said it was fab, so I thought why not. So off I went yesterday, knowing that just for the consultation they would put drops in my eyes that could cause blurriness.

And yes, I signed up, sounds brilliant, lifetime guarantee and everything!

But why can't I stop thinking of Dr No, holding his big white cat, saying 'And now Mr is time to die!' whilst Sean Connery lies spreadeagled as a laser comes closer and closer to his gentleman parts.

It won't be like that will it?

PS I would like to apologise to all James Bond aficionado's if any, or all, my references are mixed up


  1. WHAT? How am I finding out about this through your blog? Weren't you supposed to have that girl talk with me when I tut tut and ooo and ahhh before saying 'oh go on then you old cow, go for it'?
    I feel cheated

  2. sorry, bit of a spur of the moment thing..lunch this week??


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