My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend recently married my brother.

The initial reaction that I normally get to this is; aaah.
Or how sweet, lovely etc

Then I explain how they met.

I grew up in a very small village in sunny Shropshire.

I went to sixth form in the slightly bigger, but still ridiculously quaint medieval town of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury; Home of the pie pie (reference Lee and Herring - Fist of Fun), and more well know biscuit.

There wasn't a lot to do in Shrewsbury as a teenager in the 1980's.

So the plan was:
go to sixth form
get some A levels and
get to college in that London

thus escaping:
the boredom
middle classes and
my Mum and Dad (no offence M & D..I was a teenager!)

So, not a lot of choice on the boyfriend front either. The really good looking ones weren't interested and the nerds and geeks, and there were many, I really did not want to get to know.

Unfortunately one of the nerdish geeks took an unhealthy interest in me. Would I call it stalking...not in the '80's.

Long and short, he won me over (I was v.bored) and ended up being my first love. There followed a torturous/passionate 18 months resulting in 2 E's at A level and my love affair all over. With all to show for it, a new bestfriend, my ex's sister, whose had a 20 year crush on my brother.

So I went out with her brother and now she is married to mine...

Now close your eyes....

Imagine the sound of duelling banjo's
squeal little piggy.

hmmm... I may have some unresolved issues

PS - I still blagged it into college in London!


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