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I was reading rebel mothers blog hen I started thinking about something that happened today, which has a tenuous link to rebel mothers blog.

I was taking some photos of my kids and noticed that there was an opportunity for some pictures of legs (a pet project where in my imagination I see 12 of my photos of legs hanging 12 foot high at the Tate - example above)

I suddenly notice that my lovely hubby was cringing, embarrassed that someone might notice that I am taking photos of strangers legs through his legs, as you do.

It would never occur to me that this might appear odd, but my husband was brought up by an Irish Mother who worried/worries about what everybody thinks...all the time.

By marrying me he rebelled against it (God bless him), but it is still deeply entrenched in him, tucked away for special occasions.

How do I feel about this?
Love him that he married me knowing what I was like (on the whole, I don't really care what people think)
A bit gutted that I embarrassed him (because I do care what he thinks)
But, know that he still loves me, phew!

Tenuous link to Rebel Mother, I do enjoy my stuff, but it does sometimes have consequences - hope that makes sense?


  1. Hello! Thanks for the tenuous link. I never think of the consequences thats probably why i'm in the mess I am! Hey-ho.

    PS My Hubby's of Irish descent too. His father was Irish.



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