My 1st X-Ray

The Injured party - above - fully aware she was having her picture taken.

Today, after realising that my daughter may not be making a big deal of her arm injury, just to get attention. I gave in.

So on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, I spent two and a half hours in A & E. Not just with daughter No.1. but with daughter No.2 as well.
So how do nearly 7 and nearly 3 entertaining themselves in A & E

I think the highlight for No.2 daughter's (just for the record, No.2 only in order of when she joined us, not in order of importance - as we love them both equally - obviously) visit to A& E was crawling across three cast iron chairs, jumping off the end and shouting Taa Daa!!


Apparently Taa Daa is impossible to whisper.

She told me.

(and I truly did try...there were really sick people there).

Highlight for No.1 daughter; the X-Ray...literally afterwards shouting joyously to anyone who would listen (again, the really sick people) " I have had my 1st X-ray" clearly a right of passage.

Note to self: must spend more time with daughters on the art of quiet conversation.

And was, I hear you ask, this a valid trip or a desperate plea for attention? Has she got a fracture?

Well kinda...

If she has, which the doctor implied she had, it is very small and only recognisable because of an additional fat deposit and contusion (???). She isn't in plaster, but is medicated with Calpol and Nurofen. She is in a sling, and we do have to go to the fracture clinic on Monday. So yes, it is valid (Thank the Lord. She isn't a total Drama queen...!)

One day I will explain how this all happened... but it is probably best not to right now as I am full of spit and venom.

All I will say is Wacky Warehouses - Children and Beer - in my view, a bad combination.

And finally an apology:

I would just like to say sorry to all the people visiting Solihull A & E between 1pm and just after 3pm - the Taa Daa girl who also may be recognised by her impression of a person with a broken leg was mine, sorry sorry sorry, I hope if you were feeling dreadful she and her older sister did not make it worse ...imparticularly the limping lady they jointly bumped into...again sorry.


  1. I so so sympathise with you, I have been in the position with Charlotte having a broken collar bone.

    What is it about kids not being able to be quiet, I am beginning to think it's nursery and them trying to get attention over all the other children that makes them shout all the time. I keep telling mine that I wil get them a job in a fish market!

    To try an instill some better behaviour in mine I have resulted to bribery, 10p for this, 20p for that, they have their own special jars but equally if they don't do as they are told, they have money taken off them!

    What a cruel Mom that I am:-)

  2. Thats a great idea. It's not cruel, I am currently holding a cuddly a guinea pig toy hostage for crimes against the Mummy state. We are currently negotiating the terms of release....

  3. Daniel very concerned. Wants to know how she sleeps and is that why her hair looks "such a mess"
    So critical these 6 year olds!

  4. Think her hair was a mess because she is so badly injured that she had to do lots of playing.

    However, the latest update, after her visit to the fracture clinic is; she now has a plaster from the top of her arm to her palm as she has damaged her cartilage. The bad news is that Dan will be away and won't be able to sign it as it is (hopefully) only for two weeks.


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