My 3 Best Sunday Moments

Today has been a good day...

Best bits were:

  1. My Mum coming for Sunday dinner and genuinely enjoying the pudding I made (Vanilla Panacotta with blueberry sauce..just in case you were wondering).

  2. Sitting outside with my 2 year old on my lap, just chilling, watching bees collecting pollen on the lavender, whilst she spread her toes as the breeze caught her feet.

  3. Eating the courgettes for dinner that I grew from seed...and they tasted good.

What were your 3 best?

PS - The photo is of Lola (my two year old), having one of her best moments today.


  1. Seems a long time since Sunday now. But I can remember (just)... having Charlie's Godparents over; a wonderful roast-dinner; and a quiet evening once Charlie was in bed!

  2. When was Sunday???? What day is today?

    Holy smoke, I'm losing it.....

    Best Sunday Moments
    a) Not cooking a roast
    b) Not being with any other relatives - they're too much trouble!
    c) Not remembering that its Sunday and wondering why there are no buses!



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