What are your five top wedding tunes?

Why oh why oh why do wedding discos play only pants music.

My gorgeous bridesmaids daughters may have liked it - but they are 6 and 2 - their idea of a good tune is the theme to Peppa Pig or Hannah Montana (bless 'em)

So you run a Disco, that plays at weddings, does this mean that suddenly you can only play soft rock and big Celine Dion Ballady things. NO.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of retro, play Martha and the Vandellas or some Jam and you will see me going Motown with the best of 'em...but no...like any hen or stag nights we are suddenly stuck with:

Oops upside my head
Rod Stewart
Black velvet (I have done some research and apparently this was sung by Alannah Myles)
And if we are really lucky a bit of Chas and Dave.

I was fortunate enough to have a room directly above the disco so when my daughters had to go to bed, off I went with them. They slept beautifully, I was left to listen to the fun downstairs.

In fairness, later on they did play poker face (Lady Gaga) and In for the kill (La Roux) which I enjoyed through the axminster.. but that was it really for the post 1980's music.

So my question is - If you ran the disco that did weddings - and you had to play songs over 20 years old what would you play?

Here are my five:

Volare - Dean Martin
Mad about the Boy - Dinah Washington
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Rainy Day - Brownie Mc Ghee (because I like a bit or irony, me..If you don't know this one - try it)
Don't it make my Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle (this one is personal)

However, my five for the young popsters out there would be:

Love Lockdown - Kanye West (close your eyes and turn it up - LOUD)
Filthy Gorgeous - Scissor sisters
Brain Stew (Godzilla Mix) - Green day
Rockerfella Skank - Fatboy Slim
And now I am torn between; I like the way you move (Bodyrockers) or, The Creeps - (Camille Jones vs Fedde Le Grande) or, Song to the siren - (Chemical Brothers)...there are more, oh so many...

Anyway ...what would your top five be - Old and New (please no Rod Stewart). And is this just me?


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