Blasting off about expensive toys

My baby girl turned three last Sunday. She isn't really a baby anymore, but a big girl.

One of her presents was a voucher for a well know toy store, so off we all troop to get her gift.

After much serious consideration we got something we knew she liked and she was thrilled.

So we get home, spend several hours with pliars untwisting the wires (that is a whole other issue, that infuriates me so much that I can't actually talk about it!)

Finally, she has the toy, plays with it for nearly a whole 5 minutes and then moves on...marvellous.

Later, I am reminded why a child's imagination is better than any toy.

Lola (my 3 year old) wonders into the house and asks me to draw a rocket. I ask her why, and she says 'so I can go to the moon' - Obviously, I am clearly an idiot for not realising it.

So off I go, and do my best illustration in chalk of a rocket (with moon and stars), which I have to say I am quite proud of.

There follows about an hours worth of good play, with lots of counting down, blasting off, martians and buckets for helmets.

So the key to a great afternoon with your kids - chalk and a bit of imagination. Expensive toys..forget about it.


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