Plaster Removal, The Ice Rink & Ferris Bueller

Today we had the appointment at the hospital for daughter No 1 to have her plaster removed. Hurrah, there was some concern that they may have to put a new one on after being checked - but no, all was well. And because of this I was on a promise to take daughter No 1 to the ice rink for a session ice skating.

So off we went, with me thinking that I haven't done this for years and may end up in plaster myself, but husband and I had decided I was the best man for the job (so to speak) as his limited experience of ice skating resulted..... whoops, have just asked him to tell me the story again, but he has vetoed me, as he doesn't want it 'out there'. Suffice to say I have limited experience but it is more than him.

So daughter No 1 and I turn up and the ice rink is closed...till October, secret victory dance goes on in my head, whilst I solemnly explain that it is closed. Much disappointment but a promise of painting when we get home cheers her up no end.

So painting happens and ends, what next (Blimey, 7 weeks of school holidays is a long time to keep a six year old entertained - what do teachers do in this 7 weeks?)

(There should now be a red triangle warning - bad Mummying follows):

So I suggest we watch a film, what about Ferris Bueller's day off? She is keen when I summarise the plot, although I do wonder why it is a 15 rating? I don't remember anything bad in it.

So away we go, Ferris has fooled his parents that he is ill and is in the shower with Mohican hair preparing for his day out, when the first s**t is heard, and so it continues. Do you remember loads of swearing in Ferris Buellers day off? I certainly don't. My God. 10 minutes later we are watching the Disney Channel and Daughter No1 is trying to work out which words were bad (all of them!).

Thank goodness for teatime, the return of husband from work and daughter No 2, and general ensuing chaos...

Smoke and mirrors boys, smoke and mirrors..


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