This is me (Or hairstyles I have had)

OK, I have been blogging a while and I think the time has come to share...Go on, you know you want to too, I would love to see your photo's.

This is me

1969 (approx)
A time when I was still fit and healthy and cycled everywhere

1975 (approx)
I loved that top

(and yes those are Dulux Dog and Paddington posters.. I was deeply enmeshed in the 70's and an adolescent - not a stylish combo!)
Don't be fooled by the guitar, I am not musical.

This was my interpretation of my school uniform..and I still wonder why they wouldn't let me be a Prefect

1983 ish
It appears I briefly became a Nolan.

 Permed for my A levels
This may look like I was drinking before I was 18...I very much doubt it, although that period of my life is alittle bit blurry.

Gloomy college girl (I did this very well)
 Loved that jacket, brought it off an ex-boyfriend for £30.
Still have that jacket.
 Can't wear that jacket
Jacket has shrunk as I have grown older - who knew leather could shrink!

Still gloomy
And what was I doing to that poor top?

1996 ish
At a friends wedding.
Most of the 90's were pretty dull

Until the clubbing years
(I know, I left it a bit late I was mutton before I even started)
I had a ball!

Got married, continues to have a ball.

Got pregnant, turned into a ball

Back having a ball, but now with bingo wings...classy
Being fab at forty


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