To work or to blog..?

I have had a week off poorly from work, was it piggy flu? Possibly, I felt awful.
Second half of the week I realised that I was well enough to sit on the sofa, blanket over me with laptop intravenously attached so that I could feel back in the world.

I have had lovely time reading blogs &Twitter posts, so I could actually follow conversations. It is a great world of bloggy twitteriness out there, which usually work stops me from participating in properly. Silly work.

Then my children would get home, with husband from school and nursery and annoy me as I was engrossed in my laptop world. Silly Kids and Husband.

Hang on ...what is going on here, suddenly all day at home on computer and I am no longer able to socialise with my, right here in the real world, loved ones as I am too busy following twitter..Yikes!

And, my work is not silly, I finally have a job where I make a difference, I protect the public working for a regulator (that sounds rather grandiose, but it is basically true).

But I do love all this social networking, I chat to people I would never of chatted to before and hear interesting thoughts and opinions in blogs. It's kind of like starting college where I knew no one and had to make friends and hear new views and beliefs. I enjoy it because I am learning things from the many bloggers and twitterers out there, I am continuing to expand my mind.

So on Monday I am back to work (assuming I can get rid of this cough). I expect I will get my balance back then. Unfortunately,  there is never enough hours in the day. How do you manage your balance?


  1. It can get very addictive... fortunately I rarely get much time on my own to get too involved in it. I have the laptop on during the day and dip in and out of blogs and twitter when I get five minutes. I can easily see how a whole day could disappear if you got engrossed in it. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Hope you're better now.

    It is definitely a time drain and very easy to get sucked in.

    I'm on maternity leave so I have more time on my hands right now, I'm sure when I go back to work I shall miss it!

  3. It is hard juggling work and blogging. Sometimes the real world is just in your face all the time! Nice to get away to Blogland once in a while.

    Pleased you feel better now.


  4. Thanks all, feeling much better now.


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