Queen of the Goo

I have found my gaming level, I am queen of the Goo. On the Wii we have a demo called World of  Goo. I am the champion in our house (currently) being the only one to complete all the demo levels.

We now must purchase the whole game so that I can become hideously competitive with my children and not care when I beat them, and completely not notice that this actually breaks their hearts....No really... this is why I tend not to play on computers, Playstations, Xboxes etc..I have history...

Before gaming was affordable for all, I was Queen of the pool table, take no prisoners, toy with boys when they didn't know me - I made quite a bit of beer money this way.

Then I got a playstation. I liked the fighting games (the signs were there). I liked the release of expletives. I liked the cut and thrust of the kill.

So should we buy World of Goo (which reminds me of worms, similar sound effects..thats for you gamers out there)? Probably not. Not if I want my children to grow up without emotional scars.

Just from today, they have picked up my motto (said through gritted teeth and a bit of a grimace and in times gone by with a fat cigar at the side of my mouth) 'Never give up' and are chanting it with me, Rambo styley, next thing you know I will have them wearing camo gear and taking me on at Tekken...I am just concerned what new words they may learn.


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