Things I have said to my daughters today

I have blatently stolen this idea from Tara at Stickyfingers who was inspired by Millennium housewife
Here are the many and varied things that I have said to my beautiful, well behaved charming girls today.

  • Lola, please stop wearing my boots you'll fall ov...Oh  dear.
  • Heather, use a tissue, don't do what you've just done..that's disgusting.
  • Stop making yourself straight (whilst trying to lift Lola out of a shopping trolley)
  • Lola NO. You are covered in flour...
  • I am glad you like girls best...(then as an after thought)..but if you liked boys best that would be OK too.
  • Heather, please...just look where you're going, No, fine, just walk behind me then!
  • Lola stop being Mummy
  • Yes Boba Fett is Daddy's favourite....(from the Kitchen, No actually it's Hans Solo)
  • (to both) Please put some clothes on...(anyone who knows my children will realise this is not unusual)
  • Lola please stop using Mummy as a tissue.
  • Heather stop touching everything
  • Heather stop picking up everything
  • Heather stop running up and down the travelator
  • Heather that's dangerous
  • Heather yes, we will do biscuits, but only when Mummy has had coffee...
  • Yes we can watch Alvin and the Chipmunks but Mummy needs to make a coffee first
  • Heather don't do the farting noise with your is not funny in any universe.


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