Trying to do something with my Monday

OK I have compressed my hours at work so I have Monday off. This was so that I can take my eldest daughter to school one day a week, save a bit of money on the childminder and have some 'me' time.

Tomorrow is my third Monday.

So far my Monday's have gone like this:

Monday Number One - Had a really horrible cold and if I wasn't off anyway, would have been off sick. Harumph.

Monday Number Two - Really horrible cold was still with me so much of the day was spent on the sofa - although I did update my Christmas spreadsheet, which cheered me up a bit. (OK, OK I know that sounds exceptionally nerdy...nope, searching for excuses on this one, I have none. Hi, my name is Jane and I am a nerd).

Monday Number Three - Right this is tomorrow...Here are my ongoing plans for the 6 hours I have to myself:

  1. Write my masterpiece (I anticipate this will take a few Monday's. I am realistic I can't complete this on the one day)
  2. Wrap aforementioned Christmas Presents (preferably whilst listening to the Ratpack singing Christmas tunes with cinnamon scented candles smelling lovely and maybe a smidge of mulled wine)
  3. Remove and dismantel the cupboard in the bathroom whose base is rotting from too much bath water spilling and soaking into it.
  4. Remove broken sofa, mattress and travel cot from spare bedroom.
  5. Move daughters bookcase as have realised that there is a better place for it which would give them more room in their bedroom.
  6. Put up picture that has been down since the loft was done. (In April)
  7. Go to the tip.
  8. Declutter the whole house so that my house looks neat for an hour or two
  9. Add as much of the 'clutter' items to eBay so that I make a bit of cash from all my hard work.
  10. Actually use the Wii Fit that I brought for me and is actually only used by my husband and kids.
  11. Feel incredibly productive...and a bit smug.
Here is what is actually going to happen:
  1. Take eldest daughter to school
  2. Get home, make a lovely filter coffee
  3. Catch up on all things Sky+ that husband doesn't like - House & Fringe.
  4. More Coffee
  5. Puruse Sky Anytime to see what films are on - watch films
  6. Get Coffee
  7. Take long bath. Read book in bath, maybe have little nap
  8. Tidy up a bit, put some laundry away. More Coffee.
  9. Fetch daughter from school
  10. Complain to husband about how little time I have and yawn for effect.
  11. Feel a little bit useless and very lazy and unsmug.


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