10 things that make me Happy Meme

The lovely Diney has Meme'd me to do the ten top things that make me happy..

Lets have a think....

  • Without sounding corny, the sound of my girls laughing...a 7 and 3 year olds giggles are the best
  • Lie in's and the only thing that wakes me up is the smell of coffee creeping up the stairs
  • The smell and anticipation of starting a new book
  • Sitting with both my girls snuggled up on the sofa, quiet and still.
  • Browsing in quiet shops, with no interruptions, a rare and special thing these days
  • Writing something really good, also a very rare thing
  • A walk with friends in the country on a sunny day, then a picnic
  • Really lovely food, that I haven't cooked
  • Sunday dinner at my Mum's with all the extended family in tow.
  • Finding out about some spangley technology that is so nerd-tastic it makes me tingle
I  pass this little ray of sunshine too (apologies if you have already had it):


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