The Hopelessness of an Endless List Maker

Sometimes life gets in the way of stuff.
I really enjoy blogging but it is on my long list of to do's

All the things I enjoy doing are on my to do's:

Take more photo's
Write more poems
Write more of your novel
Do your blog
Do your other blog

(All of the above are part of the 'become a famous artist/photographer/writer' fantasy I still cling to, probably a little desperately..but hey, whatever gets you through the day!)

 Play with my children at the weekend
Help with homework
Do some painting with the kids
Try painting pictures like the ones in Cafe Rouge (not as easy as you think)
Be more lovely to my husband
Cook proper meals
Cook with the kids
Read more
Try to take life less seriously and be silly
See my family
See my friends

Then there is the To Do List of the ..other stuff..the things I have to do, or I am trying not to do:

Try not to be grumpy because you don't get lie in's anymore (you chose to have kids)
Do the endless washing
Do the garden, its not big, but it seems to take up so much time
Sand down and re-varnish the coffee table (that is a whole other blog..I will return to this another day)
Try not to bring work home
Try not to do work when I should be doing all the things on list One
Try not to mess about on Facebook, Twitter etc. when I should be social networking with live, real people
Try to wax my legs more regularly
Exercise, all...
Stop being a hypochondriac
Go to bed earlier
Drink less coffee
Drink less wine
Eat less cheese
Eat less

Dear God it's endless...

And the final one

Stop writing lists.


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