Your favourite photo. A new meme

That Tara at Sticky Fingers has another of her bloomin' Meme's out there. 'What's your favourite photo' It is as simple as that, what is your favourite photo. I have loads I could choose and I have checked with madam and it absolutely has to be only one...(GrRRRrr). So do I do one of the arty one's I am really proud of or one of the one's that have captured a moment and always makes me smile.. Hmmmmmmmmmm


This picture is at a friends wedding as the day bit was turning into the night bit. I think if feels kinda Rat Pack-esque.

My husband is surround by most of his closest friends for the first time in years and he has our daughters with him. Lola is hiding but Heather has just popped her head through the bodies to see what's going on, so this is a photo I am proud of and catches a moment in time.

OK, which lucky tikes am I going to pass this malarky on to (I am trying to use lots of classic words at the moment - like 'tike' and 'malarky' - I feel another blog coming on...)

Calgary Daddy - as I suspect he will have some pretty memorable moments happening in the coming hours, days, months, years.....!

Not enough Mud - as I wouldn't be at all surprised if they have some photos from there travels.

Older Mums are Fun - Because it looks to me that Older Mum takes a spanking photo!

Rebel Mother - Just because.

and lastly, but certainly not least...

Troutie - because I am sure that she will have something fab to share.

Have fun!


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