Top Ten Most Surreal Mummy Moments

In the hope of winning some Ideal Home tickets, I have joined in the Mummy Bloggers Carnival over at Wives and Daughters and had a go at my top ten most surreal moments. I am fairly confident that I will think of 10 better ones the minute I publish this but hey ho...

  1. Having a snot cardy, my three year old seems to prefer my cardy to a tissue.
  2. Explaining the difference between nipples and boobies (and no, I am not going to repeat that conversation here)
  3. Having a conversation about how the 'sink burped'
  4. Daughter in the middle of a tantrum lying on the bathroom floor, stops tantrum to announce, 'I am longer than the mat' (meaning the bathroom mat). If I knew you could stop a tantrum that easily, I would have small mats all over the place.
  5. Explaining why you can't wear shorts in the snow.
  6. All the 'how old do you have to be to...' get married, have babies, have a house on my own, have a boyfriend...etc chats.
  7. After Remembrance Day, discussing how many of our relatives died in the wars, and were they up in heaven with the cat, or do animals have a separate heaven?
  8. Having a conversation with my husband to say that no, our children can not have tea. Not until they can say 'please can I have a nice cup of tea'. (I still saw them having sips before they could do sentences!)
  9. Whilst passing small gate house, 'Who do you think lives there Mummy, elves or pixies?'
  10. Realising that from five onwards daughters are basically teenagers, with eye rolling and professional ignoring.
By the way, the picture isn't a surreal moment, except the need to walk on any un-foot-printed snow and making sure little footprints were everywhere...and it's quite cute!


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