What is in my handbag?

The lovely Tattie Weasel has asked me what's in my handbag. This was after Tattie was asked by the equally lovely Diney at Older Mum's are fun and I know loads of you have had this Meme, so if you read this and feel the urge..go for it, but I can't think of anyone else who hasn't done this. 

Anyway on to the meat and bones. This is my work bag so hasn't got any of the kids stuff in it. 

This is my lovely Radley large crossover bag, I love my Radley Bags, this is my third one like this. Tara at Sticky Fingers often accuses me of not being a proper girl, but this is my girly weakness, along with purses.

This is my little Swiss army knife that has got me out of many a tight spot! And something else...top marks if you can guess what it is - I will do a big reveal at the end of this post.

This is my gorgeously large Nica Willow purse. I love this. I am sad. 

Driving Licence and my card to get into work - The photo on my license is one of the few that I actually like of me. 

Many tablets for many ailments, I am a sickly thing. Along with my Little Miss Naughty mints which were a present from one of my friends. 

My Filofax and my moleskin notebook, although I love all modern technology, I love stationary and love to write things down: lists, poems, idea's, addresses etc...

One scrunched up half used tissue (nice!) and two resin rings I thought I had left somewhere - so bonus, I have found two rings - hurrah!

Less pens than I thought I would find. I have Vaseline lip therapy everywhere and use it constantly, much better than lipstick. And a Tao digital photo frame for a key ring, my husband brought me this for Christmas, mostly because our cat is called Tao.

And finally, the big reveal..what was that strange object?

A corkscrew, back to my party days, so I was always prepared!

And that's it - the contents of my handbag revealed, I don't know what it tells you about me...a psychiatrist would probably have a field day...


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