Year of the Tiger

The year of the Tiger starts on the 14th February 2010. So whilst western culture is celebrating the love and romance of St Valentines day the Chinese are celebrating their new year.

The Golden Tiger is courageous staving off fire, thieves and ghosts from your household.
Find out more about Chinese Horoscopes here

I find horoscopes and all the mumbo jumbo that goes with it fascinating..apparently I am a fire sheep, which basically means I am less of a follower than your average sheep. Brilliant.
Although my marriage to my dog husband may be 'a bit tiring' according to the link above (just for the record -  that is not the case).
And as a libran sheep I am 'cultured and artistic' - Yay!

The reason I love all this is because, I read it, then instantly forget it, and take none of it too seriously.

I used to do tarot cards for people and it was so much fun, but then people would say to me months and years later, 'you know your reading was so true ..such and such happened' etc and they took it all to heart. Whereas it's just fortune telling with the turn of a card. It's just supposed to be fun, when people started to believe it I felt it was time to stop.

So which Chinese animal are you - and are you like your animal?


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