Conversations with my husband

My husband and I were having our usual chat in the car on the trip back from Shrewsbury to Birmingham, after visiting my parents for Sunday lunch.

It is one of those times when our eldest puts her iPod on and our little one goes to sleep. So it's a chance for us to have an 'adult' conversation.

Today's conversation was about my hair and then went from there. I have recently stopped bleaching my hair blonde, so I now have a grey and brown/black kinda crew cut type thing going on. So I have gone from this - 

To this - 

Please allow for the fact I have make up on in one picture and none in the other....!

Now the odd thing is, when I bleached my hair white blonde (anybody call it yellow and you will get a slap), people said things like - 'Oh that looks nice' - Nobody really commented on the 40 something lady with the girly blonde mohican, (Not to my face, anyway).

However, when I had all the blonde cut out, I am suddenly the cause of much conversation and consternation;

'Oh, what colour are you going to go now?'
'Are you going to grow it?'
'Do you like the grey?'

The thing is I kinda do. I like it short - when its long I just tie it back, short it is easy to manage, and can look smart and funky (in my humble opinion). I like the grey, particularly the really white bit at the front. It suits my skin tone. I am not saying I won't go back to blonde, but right now au naturel is liberating.

The conversation with my husband went like this:

'Isn't it odd how the expectation is that I should dye my hair, but no one suggests it to you' Me.

'No, but it's getting that way, with manly moisturiser with mannish names like Bullet' Him

Giggling..'Machine gun exfoliater leaves your skin, in an extremely high testosterone state' Me

'Ready for fighting and killing things in a manly way' Him

Gaffaw 'Try Bullet moisturiser, it makes you more of a man!' Me

'Bullet pillow freshener helps you sleep even in combat mode' Him....And so on...

So much for; A, 'adult' conversation  and B, a big philosophical and deep debate about men and women's role in society today having to conform to stereotypical  norms.


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