The Gallery - It's all about Me

Yet again Tara at StickyFingers has set us another one of her challenges - this time it's a self portrait type thingy.

Now I am one of those people who loves taking photo's but hate having my photo taken. 

So initially, I thought, I know, I will go down the arty road and do this....

But then I saw a message on twitter between Tara and Porridgebrain, where Tara was very sternly telling Porridge, absolutely no photo's of feet. So I'm not going to get away with that then!

Then I thought I could do some clever photo magic
(I'm in the dress and my daughter, Lola is the stripy one)

But I suspect I won't get away with that, as I think she wants something more recent

OK you've got me - this was in the 90's, pre-babies, so something more recent then...

My three year old took this over the weekend (with a little help from hubby) whilst my eldest makes mischief. Now, this is me. 


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