Our Veg Patch

We have finally, after at least a couple of years of talking about it, built a tiny vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden. It's not big it's not pretty, but it made my daughters day.

I am not sure it is sunny enough but fingers crossed, with a following wind and some of the compost from the composter we planted potatoes, garlic and red onions today. I plan courgettes in pots again as they were a great success last year - and they look really pretty and tomatoes in a growbag as normal. But where can I put the carrots? 

We also planted this today.

This is a bird cherry tree. Apparently the blossom smells of sticky almonds (yum). 

Progress reports on both the veg patch and the tree to follow. I bet you can't wait! It's thrilling stuff.

What is it about getting older and starting to see the appeal in gardening? I wouldn't go as far as saying I  enjoy it but I do take pride in the end results.


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