Snowdrops and Kisses

When I write I write for myself. I don't do this for anyone else. 

When I write, I write to get the words out, there are too many in my head.

When I write, I can't promise I will write about something nice.

When I write, it's like when I talk, free flowing, with no logical end.

When I write, I think about what I am writing about, and nothing else.

That's nice.

When I write, it is to make my mind not think of other things.

When I write, I can think of snowdrops and kisses.

When  I write, I don't have to think about the washing or the cleaning or the dirty cat bowl or the cob web on the kitchen window or the basket or ironing or the work I go to or the people I look after.

I don't have to think.

When I write. 

That's nice.


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