The Gallery - Shoes (and 5 of the Deadlies)

Being a bit naughty and re-issuing an old Gallery entry as it is so fitting for this weeks Gallery. 

This week for week 8 of The Gallery Tara at Stickyfingers has set us the impossibly tricky task of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Well, I have spent the weekend mulling on this. I took pictures of my daughters with ice cream on their faces, of all the food we had for a BBQ, but none of it felt right. Then I had a moment of clarity.

So with my photo you will see what I lust after, what I am greedy about, what I envy, what I have pride in and finally what I wear when I am slothful. (5 out of 7 is not bad!)

It is all about ......


These are all my shoes, except I am missing out a pair of high heeled slingbacks, a pair of green wellies, 2 pairs of black boots, and one pair of pretend Uggs. All in all, 42 pairs of shoes. (which I only found out today)

I Lust after shoes and they can make me lustful, I nearly took a photo of a woman a work the other day because of her shoes, but I didn't want to make her nervous.
Shoes alter my mood, I wear certain shoes to give me confidence and Pride in my appearance. 
Clearly, I don't need 42 pairs of shoes. I am Greedy when it comes to shoes. 
I Envy others shoes  - on my 'before I die list' I need, want, lust after, a pair of Manolo Blaniks. Similarly, Divina Mccall, has great shoes, I envy her shoes, she has some red soled stiletto's that I would do pretty much anything for.
I have shoes to slob about in when I am Slothful. To be honest I have shoes for most occasions and they hold special and some of my favourite memories. 

These are what I wore on my Wedding day (I wore other stuff too, wedding dress all have very dirty minds!!!). Worn once because when else do you wear white boots - I will never throw these away.

These were brought and worn for my daughters Christening - Happy day with family and friends
These were my 'go to' clubbing shoes - those bad boys have six inch heels but are remarkably comfortable. I have danced all night in these. 
The not so, go to clubbing shoes, hurt like hell and probably made me look like a pole dancer but kinda of loved the sleazy glamour of them
My black suede work shoes, comfortable but gave me an additional 3.5 inches
Great shoes for a short gal.
Holiday shoes, we all have a pair - these were brought in Corfu in 1994 (dear lord they are 16 years old...I am so old!)
Speaking of old, I brought these for this year's work Christmas party - Mutton, lamb...enough said.
And finally....
These are my Croc flippy flops. I was a doubter of Croc's, but I accidently brought my daughters some at an airport (long story) - then I got shoe envy and now I have three pairs and they are both on their second pair. They are so comfy and so easy to be slothful in. I am now a Croc's disciple. My feet need comfort if I am going to wear stupid shoes to work parties!

And there is my attempt at the 7 deadly sins. I am really looking forward to what everyone else has done.


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