Hairy Blogging

Not my leg - and not even close to what it really looks like when doing this!

I was reading Deer Baby's blog about no hot water and swimming, and it got me thinking.
Well pondering really.
Why am I so hairy and why do I seem to be the only person I know that has to prepare a couple of days ahead just to go swimming?
If I don't wax my legs for 4 weeks I seriously have (from the knee down) the legs of a footballer. I could have taken a photo of my legs because they are like this now, but I really would like you all to return and not be scared by the unpleasantly hirsute sights you may see.
I recently had an argument with a friend about my hairiness, they did not believe me. Suffice to say, clothes were removed to make a point. (There may have been some wine drinking going on at the time)
My best friend is a beauty therapist. When she was training we lived together. On the whole this was fabulous, I got free massages and facials, had my toenails painted and generally got pampered whilst 'helping' my friend.
There was a downside, however, I was  her first bikini wax. 
This was my first bikini wax. 
This was when I discovered waxing can give you blood blisters, bruises and make you bleed. 
As this was done as part of my friends training, photos were taken of this pubic bloodbath (just of the offending area, my friend assured me that there were no photo's of my pained and tearful face). Mortified.
Fortunately, both of us got over this experience and she is now a very successful beauty therapist.
What does happen, if your friend is a beauty therapist, is that they drum into you an internal mantra. 'It is bad to shave. You have much dark hair, with strong roots, you must, MUST wax.'
Which is why, I can't go swimming on a whim. I need to know at least a couple of days in advance, so I can wax myself  (I have toughened up since those early days), and then allow a couple of days for the redness on my legs and the blood blisters elsewhere to fade. 
The one place that I can't wax is my armpits, painful tickling is just wrong and we must all have a limit. 
So am I the only hairy blogger with issues?


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