My lovely blogger friends have been busy this week setting mighty blogging meme Challenges.

First off the lovely  Tara at Stickyfingers Frankinsteined (I am not sure that is a word); the Fantasy 3 Course meal meme with the Hunky movie men meme and created the Fantasy Character 3 Course Meal meme (with not a care, in the world, for the mouthful of a title that is - no pun intended)!

Then the equally lovely talented photographer lady Cosmic Girlie got me with a Photo meme. I have to do this - 

1 . Open the first/oldest photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread.

OK so, which to do first? 

Photo I think...OK - 'scuse me a minute whilst I go rummaging in the dusty corners of the computer.....


This photo is called 'bloody hell where did that come from....' or (specially for you Cosmic ) 'What the f**k'

This is me with my eldest daughter after a ...hmmmm...lets just say the birthing plan went flying out of the window with force, birthing experience. 
She was born at 1:13pm on November the 18th 2002 - 2 weeks early, and weighed 6lbs and 6oz. She was gorgeous, and yes the pain really did go away when she was out (admittedly a lot of it came back after the epidural and adrenalin wore off...but you know what I mean). One of the 3 best days of my life. 

I am passing this onto the usual suspects (apologies if you have already had this)

The charming and delectable - Jo Beaufoix, the fantastic Rosie Scribble, Tara Cain because I am sure 
there will be something in the spangley corners of her new PC which will be lovely and have a great story. The fabulous writer that is Deer Baby and Troutie because I am all for people mentioning Henry the Hoover in their blogs as often as possible. 

OK and now on to the more challenging Ms Cain's long title meme thingummy.

My drink of choice would be red wine - this is my current favourite

I am rubbish at French but because of the useful illustration I am aware this wine is called Cat on Egg - and it is yummy. Speaking of Yummy I would like to drink it with Christopher Lambert - My daughter is called Heather partially because of the film Highlander (It's a long story, suffice to say, I have a soft spot).

My ideal starter would be a tricolour salad and I would eat this with James McAvoy - because he looks a bit grubby and geeky and I like that in a man.

Following the grubby theme - I would have my main course of Moroccan Poussin and cous cous with Captain Jack Sparrow (not the somewhat tidier and more refined Johnny Depp - although I wouldn't say no, you know, if I had to - last people in the world scenario).Any who, I think Captain Jack is lovely ***swoons*** tight corset, concentrate on the food woman!!! Oh and I do like a bit of eye liner on a man - Adam Ant ruined me!

Finally, and this is where Tara and I may come to fisty cuffs, Mr Hugh (I am ridiculously gorgeous) Jackman.  Hugh, as I like to call him, would share coffee with me at the end of the meal. (and then cuddles **ahem***, in those I have been working out way too much lately, arms)  


Hang on I hear you all cry ...what of pudding? Sorry folks, after that meal probably no pudding. Maybe sticky treacle pudding with custard, like you had a school if pushed.

I am returning the love of the meme to CosmicGirlie and then to any other brave soul who wants to give it a go.

Have Fun


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