My Daughter has a Boyfriend

My daughter, who is 7, came home from school just before the Easter holidays and shyly announced that she had a proper boyfriend.

My husband and I were not totally surprised - Heather has always got on well with boys, she married Dan (Tara at Stickyfingers son) at nursery - no seriously, there are wedding photo's go here to see them, and they have maintained a steady and rather lovely friendship since then.

There has also been the off and on again relationship with Euan who goes to the same child-minder - we DO NOT talk about the Valentine Disco debacle! (In brief, Euan said he would dance but then when all his friends were there he wouldn't...1st life lesson in men learnt 14.02.2010)

But now, this is different, this one is a 'proper' boyfriend.

I could see my husbands eye start to twitch and he was off to get the boyfriend hitting stick from the hall (seriously - it has been there since I gave birth to a girl).

So to diffuse the situation I thought I would ask some probing, not very subtle questions (I can work on this for when she is older)

Me: So, who is this boy from school (I am now going to use a fake name to protect the innocent).
Heather: George.
Me: Really. and why do you like George (inside, I have died a bit as 'George' is the frigging naughtiest boy in her year and has previously shown his affection by mild physical violence and low level bullying)
Heather: Because he is captain of the football team
(In my head - Oh f**k I have reared a WAG - so much for working full time to create a positive and strong female role model)
Me: (scared of response but desperately plodding on) But that can't be the only reason?
Heather: Sometimes he picks me to be on his team (smiles beatifically)
Me: Oh that's great then. (What else could I say...she caught me off guard..doh!)

Husband in background still hasn't placed which child is George (this is good, because later that night I explain who he is properly, and there is talk of him - going to 'have a word' - OMG).

Anyway, a couple of days later I say..everso casually. So how is it going with George?
Oh, he's not my boyfriend any more, says she.
Oh, I am sorry what happened.
I don't want him to be my boyfriend
Oh, OK then.

And that was all I could get out of her - SHE IS SEVEN - HELP!!!!!!!!!

Here she is looking like a seven year old..long may it last.


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