What a Week - In Photos - Phew...!

It has been a strange and unusual Easter break for me this year.

Good Friday was a write off, I had had a cold all week and had gone into work regardless (even though I work in a Contact Centre and completely lost my voice - Hey ho!)

Saturday, still recovering, but had to buy the kids Easters things - Had a bit of a moment, after foraging with the masses at John Lewis, so had to have a quiet sit down outside whilst the kids played. As you can see, they were deeply concerned about my health!

Sunday I started to improve - so off to my Mum's for Easter Sunday dinner. Had lots of good food and company, all the family were on good form, which was nice after various family ailments had made everyone a bit glum for the last few visits.

On Monday, we had a spring clear out and 'recycled' all the Macdonalds rubbish and bits and pieces that was underfoot in the house. Very cathartic.

Tuesday was a beautiful fresh windy day. So we went to the park and did this.
It made my daughters extremely happy.

Then came Wednesday. Not wordless, quite the opposite in fact. Wednesday was the day I met lots of beautiful independent women who blog. I never imagined I would be meeting people off the internet, or their lovely well behaved children, but that Tara from Stickyfingers is a mover and a shaker and you just can't say no to her.  So I had the privilege of meeting Rosie Scribble, Bumbling Along, Cosmic Girlie, PorridgeBrain, Jo Beaufoix, And they were all lovely. I am not going to harp on about this much as they all got in before me and have done some glorious blogs about our day together. All I will say, if you ever get invited to something like this, just do it. It was a fab day.
There were muddy puddles, good company,
Gorgeous scenery - although, am I the only on that thinks this looks like Gruffallo country?
And really well behaved children. (There was also a climbing tree, an angel and cake!)

Thursday I went to beautiful Shropshire to see one of my oldest friend and her children - she lives in the back end of beyond but it is peaceful and lovely and my city kids got to see lambs.

And then today, after all that rushing about - a day at home face painting and planting empty eggs with seeds. And the weather was tip top too!


 I am now knackered, time for some wine. 
I hope my girls had as good a week as me. 


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