Friendship - The Gallery

I wasn't going to do this this week, but then I am like an addict and just had to.

But I knew which pictures I would use straight away. I knew what I wanted to say.

So Week 13 of the Gallery - here it is, Friendship

You have your friends when you are little, they mean the world to you. You giggle and laugh and tell jokes for the first time, you learn playground games, discover loyalty, real friendship. You also get to be fairies together.
I am the one on the kings lap, four of the eight girls were my bestest friends and infants and juniors.

Then we  went to secondary school and made some new friends and kept some of the old. 
We climbed mountains together.

Literally. I am the one at the back with the straight hair, Bam Bam styley. All my friends were skinny with dark curly hair. If they weren't so lovely, there is no way I would be friends with them!

As time went on we went to college and settled down, we picked up some new friends along the way and kept all of the old. 

This is my favourite picture of my bestest friends about 12 years ago at my friend Biggle's wedding. We hadn't discussed what we were all wearing but turned up in basically the same dress. It was a gorgeous day and we spent it drinking champagne with our feet in the Severn. Lovely.  
I am the bleached blonde on the left. 
The oldest friend in this photo I have known 40 years (I am 42), the newest friend I have known 24years. We have a lot of history. That is why I never really expected to make any new friends... and yet, who knew...Here is The Gallery Lady herself. Tara. 

Tara and I pretending our eldest children our still our babies, much to their embarrassment. 
Tara is a talented writer and photographer as I am sure you all know, but she is also a sharing person, she got me started on the blogging, and she works hard to make her friends happy. She is a great listener and we laugh. A lot. 

Last but not least is my BFF, my best friend for ever, he is the man I love, I talk to him about everything. He was my friend from 1994, he held my hair when I got sick, he looked after me when my then boyfriend was horrible, he was a great friend then.  He became my boyfriend in 1998 and continued to be my best friend. We have been married to him since October 2001. He is the dogs bollocks and I am extremely lucky.

And without him, there is no way I would have the fantastic life I have now with him and my beautiful girls.

I am a very fortunate person to have all these gorgeous, fabulous people in my life, I am very thankful.

Where would we be without our friends?


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