The Gallery - My Secret Places

Tara has set the Gallery challenge once again to find the special places (or Tree's if you are Tara) that make you go ahh... Here are mine.
This is home. This was the view from my window where I grew up. This was taken in a small village called Bayston Hill, near Shrewsbury. The hills in the distance are the Stretton Hills.

This is a view from Albrighton Hall. This is a beautiful old house in the wilds of Shropshire, that you can go to for meals or to get married or whatever really. We (my family) usually go there once a year around the time of my Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary (they are on there 54th year - so every year is a celebration). For some reason, whenever we go the weather is always beautiful. You eat in the gorgeous Georgian (?) interior and then sit outside on the lawn or have a little walk around the lake.
This is the beach at Borth in Wales, near Aberystwyth. My Grannie had a holiday home here when we were really little and I remember playing on this beach. My cousin now has a caravan near there at Clarach Bay (also lovely) and we stay sometimes.

And last but not least - This is the West of Ireland. My in-laws live there. They have a house in the middle of no where - we go across as often as we can afford and it seems to be always a bit sunny, a bit rainy, a bit windy and a bit like this. But it is peaceful and relaxing and and my mother-in-law looks after us all (and there is great light for photo's - which is a bonus).


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