The Gallery - Self Portraits

I am normally behind the camera, but I have gone a-rummaging and found some old stuff and made a new thing for this weeks Gallery over at Tara's Sticky Fingers.

When I have my photo taken, I use the traditional method of using my children as a human shield to hide my post baby body.

Here is a good example of this:

And again, here:

Alternatively you can just cut the bits you don't like out of the photo. Like here:

This picture is an extremely unusual one, this is a full frontal that I don't hate. And it has one of my children in it and I appear to be participating in a family activity...because looking at most of my photo's my husband does the fun stuff whilst I am just the person with the camera. I would also like to introduce you to Ted, he's the donkey.
(I am a little concerned I have used 'full frontal' and 'Ted the Donkey' in one paragraph, but hey ho).

So these are me - Mummy.

This is me when I am playing:

I realise I have angry eyes on this one - so here I am again.

So there you have it. Me. Now. A little bit photo-shopped, a little bit disjointed but all me.


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