What do you get the Girl who has Everything?

So what do you buy your forty something friend who has everything......last birthday, all of our friends clubbed together and we got her a Radley handbag, which she loved.

The thing is, this friend is far from conventional, she has moved to Arthog (or Middle Earth, as my husband calls it) in Wales and is renovating a massive house to let out, whilst working at a local hotel. She makes glass jewellery. She has been taking care of her Mum who has been quite poorly and her fella. She needs some joy and some silliness.

So I got her some.

As we were all there we thought we would blow it up and get her to try it.

But she couldn't have all the fun....the rest of us needed a go...

So there you have it - the perfect gift of silliness and joy  - It is orange with a big smiley face and horns. The space hopper.

Who knew?


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