The Gallery/Writing Workshop - Emotion

Blimey these Mummy bloggers are a bit mean, joining forces and ganging up on us and setting us stupidly hard challenges. Anywhere else in the world this would be called bullying (yes I said it!)...except I don't have to do this and it is purely voluntary and I am only in a metaphorical arm lock - Doh!

OK, rant over - so Tara at StickyFingers and Josie at Sleep is for the Weak have set this here challenge. Do a picture and write about it and it has to epitomise an emotion.  Bloody Hell.

So here I go.

These are my babies...





But always together....

And how do they make me feel?

In my head full of rubbish and stress and worry,
 I know they have each other. 
They can drive me crazy, 
I say 'don't', and NO! 
Oh so much more than I once did,
My time is filled with them, 
I am never bored,
I know they have each other
They make us a family. 
They make me not just think of me.
 I am less selfish, more loving, better. 
I know they have each other.
I am at peace.


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