I Hope...

I have never really been bothered what people think of me.
I don't have that, 'oh but what will the neighbours think' gene.
I think I got it from my parents.
My Mum is pure eccentric.
My Dad just doesn't care.
My eldest daughter asked me a year or two ago, 'why don't you look like the other Mum's at school?'
'Because, why would I want to look like everyone else?'
'OK then'.
Accepting in the way that only a 5 year old can be.

My husband has recently started wearing his beard in little pony tails.
My now 7 year old says 'Daddy, is that weird?' pointing at his beard.
He says 'Probably'.
'OK then'. Still accepting.

There is going to come a time when my daughters will be mortified by us, at which point, will I start to care?

I honestly don't know, I hope my children will understand why I am like I am.

I hope I bring them up to accept everyone, regardless of how they look and respect people regardless of different beliefs.

I hope I give them the strength and confidence to not care either.

I hope that they realise that people with small minds are afraid of what they don't understand.

I hope they go through life with an open mind and always with hope and happiness in their hearts.

I hope they know their own minds and don't get badly influenced by others.

I hope they don't become a sheep and follow the crowds...

But, what I know for sure, is I will love them, no matter what, always.


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