I'm a Bad Blogger...

Dear How I like my Coffee readers,

I would like to apologise, formally to all of you who read my blog. Lately all I have been doing is blipping and doing the Gallery at StickyFingers (which is an awesome challenge this week, by the way). I haven't done any actual writing, about anything, for ages.

Excuse Number 1

I did go on holiday for a week and had limited access to the internet, which sounds a bit like an excuse...well it is an excuse...

Excuse Number 2 

and my eldest broke her arm...

Excuse Number 3

And we spent three days of a weeks holiday in Ireland, in three different hospitals....Honestly, she had to have an operation and everything..

Excuse Number 4

Then I went back to work and it was really really busy.....and I was really really tired.

Excuse Number 5

I may have drunk some wine in the evenings to relieve the stress of everything, but the demon drink makes writing really tricky and then I stay up too late which makes me tired...round and round I go on my wheel. 

Excuse Number 6

I have also been finishing my stupid NVQ which I am doing for work, where I have to copy the answers from the book or I get penalised...I cannot emphasise enough the stupid-ness of this learning method or how annoying this is..(Mental note to add to one of my grumpy lists!)

Excuse Number 7

One thing that has really been eating up my time recently, Is my new phone.  I got myself a HTC, I thought I was going to get an iPhone, but went with this and I am soooo happy, I have spent a considerable amount of time playing with it...I am a little bit in love with it because it is 'Grrrrrreat', as Tony the Frosties Tiger would say. Sorry.

Excuse Number 8

And the weather has been pretty lovely..so I have been outside a lot

Excuse Number 9

And the dog ate my laptop....??????

OK no more excuses (I haven't got a dog)...Let's just give me a C- and move on shall we, with a 'must try harder'.

And once again my sincerest apologies...I feel a blog with feelings and everything coming here soon - honest.


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