The Interrogation - get ready to be grilled!

Tattoed Mummy has passed this baby on to me. 

Here’s the thing, you get to be interrogated and then make you own questions and interrogate some other unsuspecting bloggers – what fun!

Here are the questions I was given with my answers.

What is your favourite name for a girl that you haven’t used for any of your own children?

Honey - This is because my parents kept bee's. Heather honey is my favourite type of honey, my eldest is called Heather (but not because of the Bee's, but Highlander) and once we called Heather, Heather, I would have liked to have called my second daughter Honey. Husband used his veto, darn it. 
If you could live in any country EXCEPT the one you live in now which would you choose and why?

Italy - Why? The culture, the food, the wine, the beautiful people (living there would mean I would instantly be beautiful, and cultured and get to eat yummy food and drink slurptastic wine...hmmmmm***imagining***) Oh and the weather and gorgeous architecture, countryside and a bloomin' falling over tower - brilliant.

Chocolate or chips – if one was to be banned which would you pick?

Chips, Not really bothered by chocolate, I prefer twiglets..nay, love twiglets - not really bothered by chips either. Now if you asked me to choose between cheese and that would be a tough decision. 

If you won a million on the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

2 houses, I would rent them out until my girls were old enough then they could either live in them or sell them. But, in theory, they would never have a mortgage which means they may have more life choices available to them. Oh and a bespoke suit from Greaves and Hawke and some Manalo's 

What catches your eye first in a member of the opposite sex?

Smiley eyes.

Trapped on a dessert island you can only have one book to read, which would you pick?

One million and one ways to survive and escape a desert island.

If it had to be a reading book, I would probably go for the complete works of Shakespeare.

You get out of a store and realise you have something in your hand you didn’t pay for. You got away with it. Do you return it? Or keep quiet and keep it?

Depends what it is, but probably keep it.

What always cheers you up?

Seeing my family playing.

You have a whole day to yourself, but no money or internet. What would you do and would it be heaven or hell?

Take photos, watch films, read, enjoy the silence. Heaven. 

Where will you go when you die?

Somewhere where all the people I loved and love either are or will be. Some where funny, maybe go for the reincarnation thing and have another go as someone else...don't really know. What will be will be.

Now who are the lucky tykes to get my questions? Mwah hahahahaha!


Forty Not Out

Hot Cross Mum

and the lovely Geeky Mummy

  1. If you were a type of underwear, what would you be and why?
  2. If you had a super power what would it be and why?
  3. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window, are you happy with what you see?
  4. Do you wear make up every day? If so/not why?
  5. What is your favourite item of clothing? 
  6. Do you have a best friend? What makes them best?
  7. Where do you go when you die?
  8. In two sentences or less - why do you blog?

Looking forward to the answers!


  1. Thanks Mrs Muddy - I do love a good interrogation and shall put myself in the hot seat next week! Have a wonderful sunny weekend! xx

  2. Thanks! Tough ones, I shall have to shine that spotlight into my own eyes!


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