Finding My Focus

I am struggling to focus at the moment..and no, not because my eyes are rubbish, even after laser surgery (only me!).

I am struggling to focus because I have too much on my plate.

In fact my plate is so bloomin' full I can't even carry it any more I push it around on a little trolley.

Work is really really busy at the moment for me, lots on lots to do, and I seem to rush around walking quickly with bits of paper in my hand from meeting to 'just a quick word' and then back to another meeting. My desk is missing me and I miss it - I need to spend some quality time there.

At home as my children grow bigger they are becoming more aware of how much time (or how little time) I spend with them. Not enough. Mummy guilt. Not enough playing time, not enough energy to play.

Then there are the things that keep me (moderately) sane that I do just for me, like this and my Blip

Or cooking for, or going out with my friends and  seeing my lovely family in Shropshire. I simply don't have enough time and can't focus on any one thing enough.

And because I am spread so thin, I get poorly, I am currently voiceless. The irony of being a Contact Centre Manager who has lost their voice is not lost on me.

But, I think I have found a solution - all you trekkies out there will not be surprised by this solution because you have known about it for ages -  I have decided the only way to get my focus back is to fold space and time. Yep, that should do it...!

Now I haven't quite worked out the logistics of this yet, but leave it with me, I am a problem solver, all I need is an excel spreadsheet and some sticky back plastic and I should be able to sort it.

When I find out, I will let you know....It can't be that hard, can it?


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