The Gallery - Holidays

So it's holidays this week at the Gallery and I am really looking forward to everyone's holiday photo's. Yay!

Before I was with my husband I was a sun, sea and sand kinda gal. Sunbathe, drink sangria and snooze, then party, party, party all night.

I'm on the right. This is 1998. Tenerife.

Then I married Paul, whose parents are Irish. When I first knew him his skin was blue, he was so white. He didn't like the sun or heat.

This is him circa 1994, on a beautiful sunny day, enjoying the shade.

So I married him. Knowing this, and we have found that he doesn't mind the sun but we do visit Ireland a lot to see family. And when the weather is nice there it is gorgeous.

When the weather is horrible, it is really horrible.

In fairness this was Christmas Day 2004, so we weren't expecting blazing sunshine. And it was quite exciting having snow on Christmas Day.

When we are not in Ireland, on the whole we holiday in the UK - we didn't have much luck with the weather last time, but my daughters didn't care.

And when it comes down to it, apart from the Sangria, they are like me - all they really want is the sea to splash in and some sand to play in.

Roll on August when we are off to Wales - Just keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds out.


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