The Gallery - The Little Things

So the Gallery this week is Nature... I am, quite literally clapping like a seal with joy....(try to get that mental image out of your head...Mwahahahaha)

This is one of my most favouritest things, Tara clearly loves me and has done this specially for me. (**delusional**) So Happy.

Last week I was mumbling on about my Garden  and how I appreciate the little things when I am there.

For the purposes of this I am going to actually show the little things..

Like butterflies.

This is a peacock butterfly, I have entered him into the big butterfly count, If you spot a butterfly in your garden in the next couple of weeks, pop over to this website and you will help the butterfly conservation people understand what butterflies are where in the country. Apparently, there is a significant drop in the peacock butterflies but if we understand where they are etc., something can be done to help increase their population. 

Sorry, don't know what happened there, got on my soap box about butterflies.

Moving on. My garden is full of beasties and bugs, strangely, there are no counts for these...

Poor old snail, he was swiftly removed after all the effort he has put in going up the bamboo pole to the leafy sunflower, but not before he posed for this.

Of course the garden is a great source of entertainment for my daughters. Their favourite is the ladybird. 

Unfortunately, the ladybirds aren't fond of being handled, and I'm not sure, but there seem less in the garden this year.

Anyway, I could bore you with picture after picture, but I won't. 

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's entries this week - v.excited - cue more seal clapping..


  1. Wow gorgeous pictures. You are an amazing photographer.


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