A Day at Home

I have been off work for nearly two weeks, and I still have a few more days off into next week.

I think all this time off has meant that I have finally relaxed and managed to embrace my Domestic Mummy Goddess within (I knew she was in there somewhere!).

In fairness, I think it all hit me at once, and I am now completely knackered (how the stay at home Mum's do it I will never know).

Anyway today we started the day by making little stone ladybirds

I leave it with you to decide which is the 42 year old's, the 7 year old's and the 3 year old's.

Then we made Nigella's little cheesy stars

Except I haven't got any star shapes so we made little cheese diamonds, rounds and flower shapes. (I would recommend these, they are very yummy and the girls love making them).

and eating the left overs.

Then back to painting, glueing and sticking.

This is the final Gallery - we were particularly proud of our bouncy bugs

And then finally, fairy cakes, pink on the inside with red butter icing which we all had a go at putting on.

So, all in all, a pretty perfect day with my girls, the only issue was getting them to eat their tea before I would let them have a fairy cake - and now while I do this they are playing golf on the Wii with their Dad and bouncing on the sofa between shots.

Who cares about the rain?

Life is good.


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