The Gallery - A Memory

I am a bit late getting this weeks gallery entry up, I have been busy doing all sorts over the last few days so I am a little behind. Sorry.

I have lots of lovely memories I could share - the births of my daughters, the day I got married, but instead I will show you something else.

These lovely people - from left, Twitch, Rich, Dave, Julian, Lee, Jude and Me - are my first ever team from when I first became a Team Leader.

The year is 1998,  I have just split up from a horrible horrible man and was going through some dreadful personal stuff. These people supported me as much as I supported them. They taught me how to manage people nicely and how to lead a team; they were way more than colleagues, but my friends.

Around the time this photo was taken I had just started seeing my now husband, my social life was amazing, and other than the hideous ex - I was incredibly happy. I was working somewhere I loved to work, doing what I loved to do with people who cared as much about me as I cared about them. I think about those times often and they always bring a smile to my face.

And yes, we are all wearing the same T-Shirt - somewhere along the line we coined the name 'The Love Shift'  (my Team and I worked shifts, obviously) seems corny now, but I made them all these T-shirts with special  iron on print paper on my old computer (It took me ages!) and we went out to celebrate being a team and all wore them.


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