The Gallery - Sunday

Sundays are sacrosanct, not for religious reasons, but because the weekend is my time with my family and my friends. 

It's a time when I wind down, work is slowly washing off me and I am back to my non-work self. 

This weeks Gallery is all about last Sunday 29th August 2010.

Three of our loveliest blogger's went to Bangladesh on Sunday  (Josie, Sian and Eva) for 
Save the Children

This Sunday I went to Stratford for family day out, just us and some close friends.

And it was a fantastic day, despite the rain and the chill wind, the children had a great time and we did something all together which I haven't done for years. We went for a power boat ride up the Avon. My daughters loved it. 

I am still without my DSLR but I got this great shot of my eldest with my phone. 

I see my eldest there and she looks so serene, so grown up. She is not quite eight but in this photo I see a glimpse of the woman she will be. 

And this is when I realise how lucky I am, how privileged. I have a beautiful family and a wonderful fortunate life. My children are growing up feeling secure and loved (I hope). 

So spare a thought, a moment of your day, and think about the children that don't have this. Go to the Save the Children website and make a donation, we can make a difference.


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