The Gallery - The Twiglet Manifesto

It is week 29 of the Gallery, and Tara has set us some tricky challenges over those 29 weeks. This week was easy for me. When I gave up smoking (5 years and 21 days ago - not that I am counting) I developed a new habit/love.


I have a bag a night. Sometimes two. They are yummy and only 90 calories per little bag.

Now I realise this is controversial, and they are basically the biscuity Marmite equivalent (like that too). So I expect strong reactions.

However, I have made this special message just for Tara. She threatened me with a ban from the Gallery if I did Twiglets (it's almost like she doesn't recognise them as food????) - which under equality and diversity laws (and I have an NVQ 2 in this) I find Twigletist. And no one likes a Twigletist.

So I think Tara needs to think about what she has said and feel the love for the poor, Twiglet. It is a food and should have it's rightful place in the food chain. Up the Twiglet revolution my brothers and sisters! Join me and you too could have a bag (maybe two) of Twiglets a night

gif animator online
Gif animator online

Oh and when I finished all this I had this.

A lovely cup of coffee.

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