Wordless Wednesday - Love is...

Normally this time of the week I am doing something for the Gallery. But this week, I didn't really have a photo that did the theme justice, so for the first time in twenty five weeks, I am doing a wordless Wednesday instead.

My brother and his son's have an amazing relationship.
His eldest son is fifteen and  by all accounts, he should be out and not spending time with us his boring old family.

Last Sunday my brother and the rest of my immediate family went here - The Inn at Grinshill which is lovely and in the middle of the back end of beyond in gorgeous Shropshire where I grew up.

And we had a lovely day and my fifteen year old nephew had a game of chess with my 7 year old daughter (his cousin) and let her win and didn't make a fuss that we all helped her and he was left to just get on with it.

I took this photo (on manual - otherwise Cosmicgirlie would be v.cross) and it just personifies a relationship I can only wish for with my daughters. I am very proud of my brother and both his sons and love them very much. But shhh...don't tell him. And don't tell him about this as he hate's photos of himself..don't know why?


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