And moving on...

OK I have had enough of moaning and groaning and bleeting and generally being a winger - enough is enough. It is time to be constructive and I need your help.

I would like ideas...

My team (I manage a Contact Centre with about 50 people) need a boost, we are really busy at the moment and they need cheering up. What lifts my teams spirits is doing stuff for charity, and they are really good at it.

We have done all sorts, including: pyjama days, leg waxing for boys, Movember, themed food days, themed clothes days, Guess whose the baby...etc

So I need an inspired suggestion - what can we do - whilst taking calls and sending emails..(I know, I am a horrible boss lady).

If I use your suggestion I will donate a third of the money raised to a charity of your choice. The other two charities I intend to donate to are Breast Cancer Care and Leukaemia Research (in light of my current predicament).

Really looking forward to your idea's!

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