The Gallery - Red

Today is my birthday, my wedding anniversary (9 years) and the day that my blood has returned to normal.
I am normal..OK, OK the drugs aren't that good!

Today is a good day.

I have spent the day with my lovely husband, opened presents from gorgeous friends and family, mooched around the shops,  and eaten yummy food.

Then I went to my clinic at Heartlands in Birmingham where they check my blood. They take a couple of vials for testing my white blood cell count. Then they take a few more vials either because I am on a clinical trial or for the research they are doing on Dasatinib (my trial drug) at the local university as they think it may help improve general immunity. I do this because if some one hadn't done this before me my prognosis would have been very grim.

Today was the 2nd reason and there it is - all red and NORMAL (yay) for the Gallery this week.

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