I Love You Blogsville

I have been off from work today as I am a bit poorly, so I have sat and watched whilst Twitter and Blogsville imploded and then re-established itself and got back to being the thing I always knew it was. 

There have been insinuations, nastiness, bitchiness, then lots and lots of love. (If you read this, please tweet #LindaSJones)

But then I read this reflection and it reminded me how blogging takes you places, you meet people. Good people. I have made friends both virtually and then in reality who are lovely lovely people. 

Then I thought of all the other reasons I love blogging, twitter..all of it. Here are some of them:

I like that I come in contact with people who 'get' me
They understand nay relish theirs and others nerdiness/geekiness
I have had conversations on Twitter about Excel..I know it's sad, but can't help loving it.
I love the that I can talk to people about technology without feeling like a freak.
But at the same time I can talk to the same people about my love of stationary, filofaxes and the like and find they love them too.
I love that I can say 'time space continuum', and someone out there will know what I am going on about (quite a lot of you, actually)
Same goes for 'folding time', LARP, and many other weird and wonderful things.
I love the late night couple of glasses of wine humour on Twitter, the gentle camaraderie and friendliness
Similarly watching the mild flirting and fun & games.
I was catching up on my tweets this morning and #pornsongs was hilarious last night. Gutted I went to bed and missed it.
I love that I read two reviews for kids toys today and they looked so good and because the review's were so honest - (check out Mummytips) - that I ended up buying both things. The geekiness is also there - this is her most recent post - only in Blogsville!
I love that Twiglets can become a debate and we can all be totally silly, and a little bit strange.
All of this internet, social media world inspires me, it got me writing when I had stopped for nearly twenty years. 
You have supported me when I found out I was ill. Brilliantly.
You have supported, advised and generally been a shoulder when I, or my children have behaved shockingly. You have never judged me.
You have given me a firm talking to when I needed it.
I respect the internet.
I understand the power of words.

Thank you, all of you, for this, lets not forget why we all started.

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