The Gallery - Show me the Funny

I was thinking about doing a Halloween blog to show off all the fab photo's of the kids my husband and I took of the kids (I can't take full credit this week as husband has been doing quite a lot of the photography as I have been a bit poorly...ahhhh..full sympathy please), but then I remembered the theme for this weeks Gallery - marvellous.

So here we go. My Children went to the pumpkin farm this (see below) was here. Now, I find this funny, and I am gutted I missed it.

They also went to Kenilworth Castle. What concerns me is what my daughter is doing to the boy next to her. OMG she is 7 where did she learn that - put that boy down!!!!!

 Back at the pumpkin farm...Mr Pumpkin Head

And finally, here is my little witch enjoying her potions a little too much....

Hope we have made you giggle.

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