What makes my blood boil.

Now, all of you who know me, know that I can, at time's, be grumpy. Particularly first thing in the morning. 

There are, however, very few things that really make my blood boil. 

On Armistice Day during the two minutes silence there was a disturbance by some protesters who burnt a giant poppy.

I absolutely disagree with what they did, wholeheartedly. 

What made my blood boil was our reaction to this. 

On one social networking site there is a group called - Muslims who burn poppies on armistice day should leave our country.

The comments within this group are both, racist and offensive.

A small minority of extremists have behaved in a way that was not acceptable, but it seems our reaction is a mass reaction, to fight hate with hate? 

Does no one find it ironic that we (our nation) fought and our soldiers fought, for freedom, against racism, against oppression, against hatred, and yet our first reaction is to oppress. 

I am extremely proud to be British, I am proud that I live in a country where most people try to treat everybody equally.

I am proud that we are a melting pot of languages, cultures, ethnicity and religion. 

I am proud that we can all practise the religion we choose too, or not,if we don't want to,  without fear that we will be 'disappeared' or victims of hate crimes.

I am proud that I can write this without fear.

I am not proud of our mass mentality, our belief in the red top newspaper, our fear of the individual and our ignorance and unwillingness, at times, to accept change.

People of Britain need to remember that the majority of our forefathers and mothers came from somewhere else originally.

Britain has been invaded by the Romans, the Vikings, the French, the Germans and when we went on the Crusades our soldiers brought people back from all over the world. This continued with Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus and many many more. We are a tiny island. 

Anyone who thinks that they are 100% white and Christian are fooling themselves.

I dislike the ghetto-ism of our cities where similar cultures congregate and other cultures and influences are pushed out.

The only way things will improve and change is if we accept that people are different, our cultures are different, we are different colours and we have different personalities (some of us can be quite grumpy). We have to accept the difference's through knowledge and openness. 

I think sometimes people think because they are 'just' average they can't change anything. Of course we can, we bring our children up without hatred, with open minds and a curiosity for differences and change and we will all be OK. 

Seriously, it is as simple as that.

So what makes my blood boil. Ignorance, hatred, oppression, inequality, injustice and racism. (There is probably more, but that will do for now).

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